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K. Todd Kroll, Sr.
CEC - Currency Evaluation Company

Hello everyone. I have come across several several notes "Graded" by CEC. I am unable to obtain any information about this company. I have my doubts whether or not it is ligitimate. Any information would be great! Thanks...

Fredrick R Smith
Re: CEC - Currency Evaluation Company


My name is Fredrick R Smith, new member.  I've also been curious about CEC , and being a member also of the ANA, I emailed them asking for any information on CEC.  I received a reply from Cydney Jones, membership rep for ANA, and he stated that he has no information on them, and has not heard of them.  I had became suspecious when every note I seen for sale was graded 70.  There was a 1963 Red Seal $2 bill for sale on ebay, that sold for $18.00, and the note, as best as I could tell from the picture, through the plastic covering, would have been about AU50.  I beleive it may be another ripoff.  Thanks Smitty

K. Todd Kroll, Sr.
Re: CEC - Currency Evaluation Company

Hi, and thanks for the information. I agree with you in the fact that every single note that I have seen on e-bay was graded as "70" Perfect NEW. I actually purchased a $2 U S note for $3.50 which actually will grade Ch/CU. Believe it or not!!

I also contacted the seller "debockestate" about CEC. This is most probably the seller you saw on E-bay, as this is about the only one who has any quantity of CEC notes. I received, of course, the I don't have any contact with the company response. I then questioned about the "70" designation and listing and purchasing these notes from them, and I got the same response and a "God Bless" from them alongwith a blocked bidder status.

I also believe that this is a sham/scam deal. Praying on the newbie collectors and the holiday shoppers. I only wish that I knew how to combat it.....

Thanks again,

K. Todd Kroll,Sr.

Peter Eichbaum
Re: CEC - Currency Evaluation Company

Thanks for the information. I've never heard of them before either. I've seen stiuff on

ebay before and was wondering who they were, too. You always have to know what you're buying

before you purchase any item now to ensure it's real or a fake.

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