Awards List

Award / Awarded For
Nathan Gold Award

In recognition of long-time, exemplary service to the SPMC.

Wendell Wolka
Founder's Award

For outstanding achievement to the SPMC.

Andrew Shiva
President's Award

Presented by the Society president in recognition of exemplary service during the past year.

Shawn Hewitt, Wendell Wolka, Mark Dregson, Lisa Harrold
Nathan Goldstein Award

Top recruiter of new members.

Jason Bradford (PCGS)
Forrest Daniel Literary Award

Presented in recognition of achievements in literary excellence.

Michael McNeil
Dr. Glenn Jackson Award

Presented for the favorite articel in Paper Money related to vignettes, speciments and/or proofs

Benny Bolin & Robert Kravitz
Complete Catalog of Confederate Bonds--Henry Simmons, Richie Self, James Desabaye
Obsolete PM Vols 6 & 7--Q. David Bowers Counterfeiting & Technology--Bob McCabe
Literary Award--Confederate

For most popular article appearing in Paper Money related to the category.

Steve Feller
Literary Award--Confederate

For second most popular article appearing in Paper Money related to category.

Steve Feller
Benny Bolin & Robert Kravitz
Lee Loftus
James Ehrhardt
Steve Jennings
Bill Gunther
Charles Derby
Carlson Chambliss
Cedrian Lopez-Bosch
Terry Bryan
Robert Laub
Literary Award--Favorite Column

Chump Change

Loren Gatch
Literary Award--Favorite Column

The Obsolete Corner

Robert Gill