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My 2017 Census on Web-Press Overprint Errors

Since purchasing my first Overprint on Back error Web-Press note back in 2002, and shortly thereafter learning that the Web Press Series turned out being a 4 1/2 year failed experiment that ended some 6 years earlier, you may say I was bitten by the Web bug for both the Varieties and Errors.

With Coin World being my only source for knowledge when it came to Web Notes, I soon realized that I needed to seek out additional information on Webs...

My Census on Overprint on Back Errors on Natick Test Paper

*✓* Prior to posting my personal opinion on the number of $1.00 FRN's having the Overprint on Back Error printed on "Natick Test Paper" that I believe has been printed and released into circulation, I feel the need to post the following...

FUN Show - SPMC meeting Sat Jan 7 - 8:30AM - 10AM Room 216

Please join us at the FUN SPMC meeting Saturday January 7, 2017, 8:30AM till 10AM in Room 216.  Pierre Fricke will talk about Confederate money and all will discuss events of the show and other paper money topics!  http://www.funtopics.com/fun-convention.html  Pierre Fricke

News and Updates from the Small Size World

Hello All in 2015.

SPMC Meeting at FUN Orlando - Saturday 8:30 AM EST Jan 10, 2015

Please join us at the SPMC meeting at the FUN Convention at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FLA. The meeting will be in Room W224F, 8:30 AM EST, Saturday, January 10, 2015.  Wendell Wolka will be the speaker on the SPMC's Obsolete Database Project.

SPMC meeting at ANA Chicago - Saturday 9AM CDT

Please join us at the SPMC meeting at the ANA Chicago show at the Convention center in Rosemont, ILL. The meeting will be in Room 41, 9AM CDT, Saturday, August 9, 2014.  Wendell Wolka will be the speaker on  preparing to sell a large collection.

Pierre Fricke

Strongest Memphis Show in a Few Years!

A flurry of activity marked our preparation for the International Paper Money Show in Memphis Tenn. this year (2014).  This was my first year as President of the Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC) going into Memphis. Several activities needed to be planned and I thank the board for their enthusiastic support and efforts. Additionally, a string of very successful shows in the spring precluded the Memphis show which forced me to spend quite a lot of time catching up working up all of the new purchases.

SPMC Breakfast Tickets Printed - They are really special this year...!!

The year of the 150th anniversary the d*mnyankees burned Atlanta :-) .... Pierre

Central States Show – Fun and Profitable!

Central States Show – Fun and Profitable!

Joyce and I headed to the Chicago Illinois Central States Numismatic Society Convention in late April for the third time. Our debut was in 2012 where we were part of the 150th anniversary Civil War forum. There I presented an introduction to Confederate paper money to a large crowd, had a lot of fun and had a great show.  So we’ve returned each year since and plan on an expanded presence at a corner table in 2015.

Portraits of Living People Excluded

Have you ever wondered why no living persons are pictured on our currency?  That is because of an unfair vendetta that besmirched the integrity of one of the greatest men ever to work in the Treasury Department--Spencer Morton Clark. Clark was the first Superintendent of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and when the need for the third issue of fractional currency came about, he was responsible to get it printed. With the approval of his superiors, Treasurer Francis Elias Spinner and Secretary of the Treasury, Hugh McCulloch, Clark’s portrait was placed on the five cent note.