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Library   Posted 21-03-2024

The Albert A. Grinnell Collection

B. Max Mehl

An auction catalog written by B. Max Mehl in 1943 for selling numismatic items owned by Albert Grinnell  

Member Presentations   Posted 01-03-2021

SPMC Seminars - February 2021


Watch video presentations from various experts in their fields of paper money specialization: SPMC Seminars - February 2021 These were presented on February 27, 2021 over Zoom.    

Member Publications   Posted 28-12-2022

Confederate Quartermasters, Commissaries, and Agents

Michael McNeil

Published in 2016, Confederate Quartermasters, Commissaries, and Agents is the source book for identification of the endorsements on Confederate Type 39-41 Treasury notes.


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