Awards List

Award / Awarded For
Nathan Gold Award

For outstanding long-term service to the SPMC. 

Clifford Mishler
Founders Award

For outstanding achievement during the past year. 

Andrew Pollock
President's Award

Presented by the President to person(s) deemed to have provided service to SPMC in the past year worthy of recognition.

For their dilegence and work in revamping the SPMC exhibit award program.

Robert Moon, Robert Vandevender, Wendell Wolka
Nathan Goldstein Award

Top new member recruiter.

Robert Calderman
Education, Research and Outreach Award

For significant contributions to SPMC's emphasis on Education, Research and Outreach.

For making significant contributions to the body of knowledge related to their state specializations in the ODP we recognize these gentlemen. 

Mark Anderson, Russell Kaye, Dennis Schauflutzel
Forrest Daniel Award

Given in recognition for collaboration with Peter Huntoon for exceptional literary achievements.

Lee Lofthus, Doug Murray, Jamie Yakes
Wismer Award

Given to the author of the best new book related to paper money and associated topics.

Obsolete Paper Money - A Guide with Prices. Don Kelly