$20 FRN Series 1934 Minneapolis LGS Stars

When I started collecting small size notes, information regarding the number of star notes printing was often not available.  For over thirty years I have been recording serial number data for star notes I observed or appeared in auction.  I have been able to calculate several star note printings from my observations.

The two notes from my collection validate that 36,000 $20 FRN Series 1934 Minneapolis light green seal star notes were printed.  The first note is considered a LGS, while the second is DGS.  Since print runs were normally in multiples of 1000 sheets or 12,000 notes, it can be calculated that the change from LGS to DGS occurred at I00036000*.

This information was shared with John Schwartz and is now included in the Standard Guide to Small Size U.S. Paper Money.