News & Notes, Volume I, No. 1

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A weekly roundup of what's new in paper money, banknotes, scripophily, fiscal paper and other financial emphemera from the SPMC.

Volume I, Number 1
July 1, 2015

Currency Coming and Going

If Greece leaves the Eurozone, De La Rue will be ready.
Greek mattresses are getting plusher.

Syria's new 1,000-Pound banknote, without Assad.
New notes from TongaIndia, and Kazakhstan (via Banknote News)
The artist Stefanos hacks Euro banknotes, often with morbid themes. Here is hiswebsite.
New security features for the Rs 100 banknote.
Russia commemorates Crimean annexation with new 100-Ruble note.
Poland will issue a 500-Zloty banknote.
Why did East Germany print 200 and 500 mark notes, but never issue them? (in German)
New local currency in France; thirty-seven varieties are now in circulation (in French).

About the Banknote Industry

Pollard Banknote Co.'s Eco-Scratch 
De La Rue has a new finance chief.

From the Annals of Crime

Romanian forgeries are on the rise. 
Counterfeiting ring broken up in Bangladesh; the problem worsens during the Eid holiday.
His wife called them "art projects".
The dark reality of coupon counterfeiting.
Fake $50 bills in Australia.
Convicted for forging Boston "T" passes, he makes it sound so easy...

New Books and Publications

Cocaine residues on Brazilian banknotes.
How to create your own community currency.
J. Fred Maples, Maryland Paper Money (via Coin World)

Upcoming Events

"Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years", at the Museum of American Finance, July 10, 2015