News & Notes, Volume I, No. 2

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A weekly roundup of what's new in paper money, banknotes, scripophily, fiscal paper and other financial emphemera from the SPMC.

Volume I, Number 2
July 7, 2015

Currency Coming and Going

Etymologies for some slang terms for money, mostly British. Wonga?
Possible designs for Hungarian Euro currency, beautifully irrelevant at the present time.
A Warhol silver certificate sold for $32.8 million, not through Lyn Knight. See also this article in CoinsWeekly. I know, when I look at Warhol's stuff I too think I could make this stuff easily. P.T. Barnum was right--
Russian court bans a local currency backed by potatoes. A video is here. For several reasons vodka might make a superior backing.
How the Greeks might introduce a new currency in a pinch, with some lessons from Iraq. "A currency is a national business card." Simply printing more Euros would be illegal. Companies are gearing up to issue private currencies.  Here is a discussion (a bit old) from The Economist on the economics of scrip.
A discussion of women on currency, in the New Yorker.
Video from the 2015 Memphis Show, from CoinWeek. Pierre Fricke appears at 4:59, discussing a Jules Manouvrier note.

About the Banknote Industry

Making sure forthcoming British polymer notes are real.

From the Annals of Crime

Fake Hong Kong notes with unusual serial numbers.
“For God’s sake what are you doing with $700 million in your home?”
Counterfeiting revenue stamps in Bangladesh.
"Her friends said she was a person of high morals."

New Books and Publications

The Northern Ireland chapter of the Banknote Book, via Banknote News.

Upcoming Events

"Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years", at the Museum of American Finance, July 10, 2015

The Sixth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing Watermark Conference-2015, Sochi, Russia September 22-24, 2015.