Memphis Speakers Series 2013

Memphis Speakers Series is Big This Year

The Memphis International Paper Money Shop Speakers Series is bigger and better then ever this year.

The featured speaker this year is Lee Lofthus who will present never before revealed details pertaining to the issuance of the fabled $10 Series of 1933 silver certificates.  He'll even tell you where they were released and how long most of them were out on the street.

David Hollander will present the featured National Bank Note state of the year - Alabama.

We have presentations for everyone from beginner to seasoned specialist on a broad array of topics..

Another great reason to put Memphis on your calendar June 13-16.


Joseph Boling

Counterfeit Large Size Nationals

Nineteenth century counterfeit detectors contained pages of descriptions of spurious national bank notes. They emphasized diagnostics that could be seen with the naked eye.  I'll show a couple of dozen examples, pairing the diagnostic features of the fakes alongside the genuine.  This presentation will be of value to both collectors and dealers.


Carlson Chambliss

Paper Money of Yemen


Ray and Steve Feller

Stories from North American Camps of World War II

Hundreds of American and Canadian POW and Internment camps were established during WWII.  We will discuss the stories behind the varied monies used throughout camps.  Profusely illustrated.


R. Shawn Hewitt

Large Size Replacement National Bank Notes, 1903-1920

Star note notes were not used to replacement defective national bank note sheets.  Instead, makeup sheets with identical serial numbers as the defective were made to replace misprints.  I'll show how to identify the makeups used on large size nationals between 1903 and 1920.


David Hollander

Featured State

Nationals from the Heart of Dixie - Alabama

Alabama nationals and her banks are profiled:  types, rarities, survival, condition and anecdotes.  This richly illustrated presentation is a unique insiders view of the national bank note issues from this key southern state.


Peter Huntoon

Unraveling the Transition to Post-Date Back National Bank Notes

The changeover from Series of 1882 date to value backs and Series of 1902 date to plain backs has vexed researchers and collectors from day one.  Treasury documents discovered in the National Archive reveal what happened.  The protocols to be followed were simple, it=s just that the results seemed messy and complicated!  


Lee Lofthus

Featured Speaker

Series of 1933 $10 Silver Certificates - the view from inside the United States Treasury

Rapidly colliding silver policies doomed the fabled Series of 1933 from the moment the first of them were being delivered to the U. S. Treasury.  Newly unearthed Treasury documents reveal that far fewer of them entered circulation than our catalogs tell us.  Rare vintage photographs will illustrate the fantastic story of the people and policies behind these notes and for the first time in numismatics, I will reveal exactly where they circulated.


Larry Schuffman

Patriotism, Pride and Propaganda - Financing the War to End all Wars

This is a behind the scenes view of how the U.S. Treasury worked in league with the media to whip a sleepy public into patriotic frenzy and how that frenzy helped to finance the war through the sale of Liberty Loan Bonds and War Savings Stamps, the U. S. Treasury's first discount security.


Joel Shafer

Japanese Paper Money of World War II

See first hand discovery pieces and rare types of Japanese currency from the World War II era.  You'll gain a perspective on the multiplicity of issues that emerged during this critical era in our history from common to rare.


Neil Shafer

Push the Envelope on Short Snorters

Most short snorters used paper currency of World War II vintage, but there are other more unusual fiscal forms and notes from other times that also become short snorters.  See these very special creations and famous signatures along the way.


James Simek

Series of 1929 Nationals - Collecting Outside the Box

There is a huge universe beyond collecting small size nationals by location.  The possibilities are rich and limited only by your imagination.  Town names, bank titles, special charter and serial numbers, unusual signatures, vice president and assistant cashier notes, replacements, and much much more.


Tom Snyder

Life and Commerce on the Mississippi River

We'll get on the Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa, look at its national bank notes and pearl button industry, then float downstream to other note-issuing ports viewing the cultural geography along the way until we disembark at the mouth of the delta. Cotton is everywhere, the catfish and shrimp are delicious!


Roger Urce & Howard Daniel III

OSS/CIA Paper Money for Thailand & Laos

Work of the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, with the Free Thai and Lao movements during WWII resulted in paper money in MPC/AMC formats for both.  The Thai paper was issued in 1946 but only patterns of the Lao paper money were printed in 1948. There was intrigue here as OSS and later CIA agents worked for the independence of the Southeast Asian colonies but were thwarted by politicians higher up the food chain.


Jamie Yakes

Classic Mules and Late-Finished Plates

Discover these popular small-size varieties from the 1930s and 1940s, which encompassed all denominations and classes of the Series of 1928, 1934 and 1935.  How to spot them, why they were made and how they differ from normal notes.  There is technical significance and rarity here.  That's why collectors covet them!



Friday - June 14:

10        Chambliss

11        Boling

12        J. Shafer

1          Hollander

2          Yakes

3          Urce & Daniel

4          Snyder


Saturday - June 15:

10        Schuffman

11        Simek

12        Feller & Feller

1          Lofthus

2          N. Shafer

3          Hewitt

4          Huntoon

Event Date: 
Friday, June 14, 2013 to Saturday, June 15, 2013
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255 N. Main
38103 Memphis , TN
United States
35° 9' 3.9672" N, 90° 3' 4.2444" W
Tennessee US