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Inducted in: 2023

Forrest Wayne Daniel

Forrest Daniel was a founding member of the SPMC who carried member number 121. Along with Brent Hughes, he designed the SPMC logo unveiled ton August 18, 1972.  He served as SPMC governor from 1970-1976 and served the society on many committees. He was awarded the Nathan Gold award in 1993, the George W. Wait award in 2002 and the Award of Merit in 1983 and 2000.

Inducted in: 2023

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson has served the society selflessly for many years. A collector of Spanish Civil War notes among a myriad of other areas, his exhibit of Swedish Plate Money won the SPMC Best-in-show award at the IPMC in Memphis in 2017. He has served as governor, president and treasurer among other committees.

Inducted in: 2023

Brent Hughes

'Mr. Confederate' as he was known by many was SPMC founding member #7. He, along with Forrest Daniel designed the SPMC logo that was unveiled on August 18, 1972. He served as SPMC governor from 1969-1974 and was awarded two Awards of merit in 1974 and 2000, three literary awards and the Nathan Gold award in 1997.