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Inducted in: 2015

Albert Pick

Mr. Pick held SPMC member #352. He received a president's award of merit in 1972 and the Nathan Gold Memorial Award in 1975. He was the author of Standard Catalog of World Paper Money which by many elevated world paper money collecting to a position it had never approached before his first catalog came out in 1975. .

Inducted in: 2015

Don Kelly

Mr. Kelly is SPMC member #1594. He was award a president's award of merit in 1998 and won multiple literary awards for articles in Paper Money. He received the Nathan Gold Memorial award in 1987. He is the author of the definitive work on national banknotes, National Banknotes; A Guide with Prices. Mr. Kelly was also awarded an ANA President's award in 2011.

Inducted in: 2015

William Higgins

Mr. Higgins holds SPMC member #2950. He was awarded the Nathan Gold Memorial award in 1986. In 1978, he founded the Higgins Museum of National Banknotes in Okoboji, Iowa. The museum is purposed with the acquisition, preservation and display of the notes, related artifacts and pertinent reference materials relating to the National Bank Note issuance era.

Inducted in: 2015

James Haxby

Author of the massive four volume reference Standard Catalog of United States Obsolete Banknotes 1782-1866, he received a president's award of merit in 1989.

Inducted in: 2015

John Herzog

Mr. Herzog is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Museum of American Finance and Chairman Emeritus of Spink/Smythe, an auction house specializing in antique stocks and bonds, bank notes, coins, autographs and photographs. He along with his wife Diana were recipients of the SPMC's Nathan Gold Memorial Award in 2009.

Inducted in: 2015

Milt Friedberg

Milt was SPMC #1370. Considered by many to be the Father of fractional currency collecting, Milt assembled one of the most complete and comphrehensive collections of fractional ever formed. It was lacking just one note when it was sold by CAA at the 1997 FUN show. Milt was a prolific author, researcher and exhibitor.

Inducted in: 2015

Roger Durand

SPMC member #2816, Mr. Durand was a collector of obsolete bank notes and scrip. He served as president of the SPMC 1987 to 1989; vice-president 1983-1987; treasurer 1979-1983; librarian 1994-1999; governor 1981-1988; wismer award chairman 1991-1992 and was chairman of the life membership committee, finance committee, publicity committee and served on the member recruitment committee.

Inducted in: 2015

Douglas Bleakley Ball, PhD.

Mr. Ball served as president of NASCA 1976 to 1984 and as consultant with R. M. Smythe after. A prolific author and researcher, he contributed several articles to Paper Money, Bank Note Reporter and The Numismatist.  Author of Confederate Interim Depository Receipts and Funding Certificates Issued in the Commonwealth of Virginia 1861-1865.

Inducted in: 2015

Charles Jackson Affleck

Mr. Affleck was SPMC member #150 and Honorary Life Member #6. He served the society kas governor from 1962-1964 and assistant editor 1962-1963. He was the recipient of the Nathan Gold Memorial award in 1969. In conjunction with Ben M. Douglas he was author of Confederate Bonds and Certificates in 1960. He wrote The Obsolete Paper Money of Virginia in 2 volumes 1968 and 1969.

Inducted in: 2014

Glenn Smedly

Mr. Smedley was a founder of the SPMC and is considered by some to be the father of the SPMC. He led a group in the early 1960s to form the society. He is member #3 and Honorary Life Member #3. He served as president from 1969-1971; treasurer 1961-1965 and governor 1964-1977.  He also served as the awards chairman in 1970 and nominating chairman in 1969.