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Inducted in: 2014

Nathan Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein was SPMC member #133. He served as governor from 1964-1973. He was a member of the member recruitment committee 1969-1970. He received an SPMC president's Award of Merit in 1967 and 1973 and the recuritment award in 1965, 1966 and 1970. The SPMC named their recruitment award the Nathan Goldstein award in honor of his efforts.

Inducted in: 2014

Nathan Gold

A pioneer in the field of paper money research, the SPMC named its highest award for service in honor of Mr. Nathan Gold.

Inducted in: 2014

Robert Friedberg

Mr. Friedberg has been called the "man who brought coin collecting to your local department store." Author of Paper Money of the United States which debuted in 1953 which is still published today with sons Arthur and Ira as co-editors. He was one of the founders of the Capital Coin Company and the Coin & Currency Institute.

Inducted in: 2014

William Donlon

Mr. Donlon held SPMC membership #74 and honorary member #4. He served the society as vice-president from 1963-1969; governor 1964-1966 and 1967-1971 and chairman of the nominating committee in 1965. He received an Outstanding Service award in 1965, a president's award of merit in 1968 and the Nathan Gold Memorial award in 1966.

Inducted in: 2014

Amon Giles Carter, Jr.

Mr. Carter, one of the "twin smokestacks" along with Tom Bain held SPMC membership #320. He served as a governor from 1962-1963. His collection of world paper money was purportedly the most complete ever.

Inducted in: 2014

William West Bradbeer

Bradbeer was author of the groundbreaking Confederate and Southern States Currency; Historical and Financial Data, Biographical Sketches; Descriptions with Illustrations in 1915.  In February 1914 he gave an “Interesting Lecture on Confederate Paper Money” at the New York Numismatic Club.

Inducted in: 2014

George Herbert Blake

An early pioneer in paper money, at the 1914 ANA convention, he exhibited paper money including a dollar bill Series 1, plate 1, number 1, plate A. This was the first of many unusual serial number paper money exhibits he would place. One of his specialties was fractional currency.

Inducted in: 2014

Eric Pfeiffer Newman

Mr. Newman held SPMC membership #290. He served as vice-president from 1975-1979 and governor in 1962 and 1973-1976. He was awarded the Nathan Gold Memorial award in 1968. Specializing in Colonlial Currency, he is the author of the definitive work of that series. He established the Eric Newman Educational Society and museum at St. Louis University.

Inducted in: 2014

Tom Bain

Tom Bain was a founding member of the Society of Paper Money Collectors. He held SPMC membership #112 and Honorary Life Membership #3. He was the second SPMC president from 1963-65.  He also served as second VP from 1961-1963, governor from 1964-1982 and served on the awards and nominating committees. He received an SPMC's president's award in 1969 and the Nathan Gold Memorial award in 1981.