Raffle at SPMC Breakfast Goes Big Time!


Every year the Society of Paper Money Collectors hosts its annual breakfast at the International Paper Money Show in Memphis.  A big part of that event is the Tom Bain Raffle -- emceed by the ever ebullient Wendell Wolka -- where prizes of all calibre are given to lucky ticket holders.

This year, SPMC and participants at the raffle are the fortunate beneficiaries of life member Andy MacKay, who graciously donated a huge amount of banking related pins and ephemera.  Here is the story as told by club secretary Benny Bolin, as he received the package from Mr. MacKay:

"Well, the next day, a box arrived FedEx express and it weighed 25-30 pounds!!!  After taking Advil for my sore back from lugging it into the house, I reluctantly started to open it, fully expecting 4-5 old editions of Kelly's book, old editions of PM with boring national articles, etc.  Well, even though I know nothing about nationals, I was not just pleasantly surprised, but super duper surprised.  Inside, I found a number of banks from banks, a clock bank, other items like that.  Also some paperweights, an old check book from a national bank with unused checks with two that had revenue stamps licked and on them, ready for use, a stock book, etc.  But, the best was yet to come.  Inside one box (the ones Heritage sends its' catalogs out in, so you know how BIG that sucker is was 22 badges, 37 lapel/stick-pins and 3 other items (knives, letter opener and a metal match box).  These were all from State banking association meetings from the early (and I mean early) 20th century.  There was even one from 1915 San Francisco with what appears to me to be a rendition of a building from the Pan-Pacific Expo!  This from 21 different states!!!  I showed them to Frank he agreed they were super, duper cool."

You too can be part of this historic breakfast and raffle.  Get your tickets now at https://www.spmc.org/products/ticket-52nd-anniversary-breakfast-memphis-...

Ticket prices are only $20 if you place your order before May 1, 2013.  After that date, the price is $25.  Order now!




Release Date: 
Friday, April 12, 2013