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My 2017 Census on Web-Press Overprint Errors

Since purchasing my first Overprint on Back error Web-Press note back in 2002, and shortly thereafter learning that the Web Press Series turned out being a 4 1/2 year failed experiment that ended some 6 years earlier, you may say I was bitten by the Web bug for both the Varieties and Errors.

With Coin World being my only source for knowledge when it came to Web Notes, I soon realized that I needed to seek out additional information on Webs...

My Census on Overprint on Back Errors on Natick Test Paper

*✓* Prior to posting my personal opinion on the number of $1.00 FRN's having the Overprint on Back Error printed on "Natick Test Paper" that I believe has been printed and released into circulation, I feel the need to post the following...