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Hello All in 2015.

The Case of the Missing Zero


The Ups and Downs of Current Pricing

In this month’s article I will explore the vagaries of pricing along with the calls and emails I get whenever I lower the price on a note in “The Standard Guide to Small Size U.S. Paper Money, 1928 to date” (SGSS). This seems to be a common occurrence with each new edition of the SGSS. Interestingly, however, I don’t remember anyone ever calling to inquire about a price that went up! The question and answer exchange below regarding a specific price decrease caught a SGSS reader a bit off guard.


Hello. I ordered and have been comparing your 10th edition to the 9th edition.

The Importance of a Trusted Price Guide

I never claimed to be a writer, and I still don’t even though and I co-wrote with John Schwartz the “Standard Guide to Small Size U.S. Currency, 1928 to Date”. My writing ‘education’ consists of one course in “Free Writing” taught by Professor Nelson at the illustrious Minot State University, where I earned a four year business degree after dropping out of the geology program because my brain was impermeable to higher math. Prof.