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A Green Thread in Fractional Currency

A Green Thread in Fractional Currency

Happy Birthday Postage & Fractional Currency

In the mid 1800’s, the majority of transactions between the general public and merchants were in sums of less than one dollar, making small change necessary. Prices of things were much less than what they are today. A quarter represented a good deal of money at the time. Three cents could buy you a newspaper or a ride. Five cents would get you a glass of beer and lunch.

Memphis – Lots of Action Amongst Paper Money Enthusiasts

I always enter June with great anticipation of the Memphis International Paper Money Show. This year was no exception, though for the first time, my company’s annual trade show was scheduled in the same week!  Luckily that show was mainly centered earlier in the week, with Memphis centered closer to the weekend – so I attended both. This heavy schedule precluded me from building an exhibit for the first time in many years, but I hope to return to the exhibit arena in 2014.

The Odd and Curious

Interesting and Odd Facts about Fractional Currency Persons

The men pictured on and had other ties to fractional were a very interesting lot.  But did you know these facts?

 John J. Cisco

  • Took over for his father as head of his bank and was Hetty Green’s personal banker

Spencer Morton Clark

National Currency by Coincidence

My name is Greg Davis and I collect Idaho nationals and deal in all Federally issued currency.  My web site on old money is here:

This is collecting story that I just recently lived through and thought it might be interesting to other collectors out there waiting to get a chance at a tough bank.

The "finest" Confederate note?

Added a picture of the "finest" (well, maybe) Confederate note! A T-9 PF-12
PCGS Superb Gem New 68 PPQ! See below... There is only one other 68 PPQ CSA note
I know of, the T-66 that sold at the Knight 2012 Memphis auction for $4600. It
had super red color, but not these margins. PMG's highest is 67 EPQ (I've seen
several of those, not quite up to this).

Pierre Fricke


FUN Show 2013 was a lot of Fun!

We flew down to Florida the weekend before the big show to escape the cold of New England. We were well greeted by days that were mostly in the low 80s! Joining long time friends in a town outside of Orlando, we caught up with current goings on and prepared for the show. The first order of business was to register ahead of the crowd and look over the fairly extensive offering of Confederate notes.

Wall Street Bourse - October 2012

We set up at John Herzog's Wall Street Bourse show at the Museum of American Finance Thursday, October 18 through Saturday October 20, 2012. This is a small show held at a historic venue in downtown New York City on Wall Street itself. It's essentially the old Strasburg, PA show recreated in a Wall St session complete with all of the social and fun activities that John's shows are known for.

Confederate Type 1-4 (Montgomery) and T-27 and T-35 census count

Here we are... T-27 remains the rarest.

The Case of the Missing Zero