Colonial Replica being sold as original on eBay

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Michael Atkins
Colonial Replica being sold as original on eBay


I have told the seller twice that this note is a replica, the kind that used to be sold in souvenir packs. Pointed out to the seller that someone else on eBay is also selling the exact same replica and listed it as counterfeit and of course it has the same serial number :)


I've told eBay twice and no response yet. Perhaps if someone else, or a few more people tell them, they'll remove the auction


Michael Atkins

Keith Nower
not just colonials

colonial replicas are not the only fake being sold on ebay.  I reported a certified $20 liberty to ebay with no action attained.  I discovered the anomoly when i checked the serial number of the slab with the coin.  accordig to the certification group it belonged to a morgan dollar not a gold double eagle.  just shows due diligence does pay off to those who look closer.

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