Why is this forum so dead

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David G. Kantor
Why is this forum so dead

It's disappointing that there are little or no posts or responses. This forum should be more promoted to stimulate more activity. Can someone please help.

Loren Gatch New...
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The Forum

Well, that is a good question! It is basically a chicken-and-egg thing: SInce nobody posts, nobody is tempted to start posting. Places like "Paper Money Forum" are much livelier, with mulitple discussion threads. Alas, it is hard to change peoples' habits.

David G. Kantor
Why is this form so dead

Thanks for your response. Maybe something placed in the journal would stimulate some members to post questions and/or responses . It certainly couldn't hurt. Again , I really appreciate you responding to my post!

Stephen Russell

I'm relatively new to the SPMC, but it seems the IBNS Forums are more active than here. I suppose, I'll start to post more here, and see if it generates interest or discussion. 

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