A History & Catalog of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes & Scrip

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Reference : H-00197
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Author : R. Shawn Hewitt; CHARLES PARRISH; Steve Schroeder; Gilmore Sem
Year : 2006
Status : Active
Publisher : R. M. Smythe
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A very comprehensive history and catalog of bank notes, municipal scrip, company scrip, round cardboard scrip, labor exchange scrip, savings scrip, U. S. Postal Notes, panic of 1893 scrip, panic of 1907 scrip, depression scrip, advertising notes, college currency, and Tiffany Commission Scrip. 600 pages, heavily illustrated.  SPMC members can order at the discounted price of $49.95 plus $6 postage from the author at shawn@north-trek.com

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