Press Releases

SPMC Seeks Help for Website Content and Management

SPMC is seeking persons who can build content and manage the website workflow.

Bloggers and Educators
SPMC seeks knowledgeable currency enthusiasts to post blogs on the new website relating to their areas of specialization. Topics can be of anything of interest to the blogger as it pertains to their field. This is an opportunity for the blogger to increase interest in their field and have a following of readers. Readers will have the chance to comment on blogs and “like” them in the context of social media.

Paper Money Wins Awards

Paper Money, the official publication of SPMC, has added two more awards to a long history of excellence. Under the leadership of editor and publisher Fred Reed, Paper Money won the American Numismatic Association's 2010 award for Outstanding Club Publication for Specialty Clubs.

The Numismatic Literary Guild honored Paper Money with its 2010 award for "Best Issue among Large Circulation Publications." This a category includes the ANA's Numismatist and the American Numismatic Society's ANS Magazine.

Fred Reed has earned many awards in his distinguished career.