My name is Mike and I live in the Birmingham, AL area.   Joined SPMC a week ago and am looking over this web site, hoping to share and learn.  

Like an earlier poster said this forum doesn't seem to see much action, but hoping to find a few folks to interact with.

Talk soon,




Welcome! If you have questions , please ask. I often check in on the forum. 

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Allow Mike:   I am also from Alabama (Orange Beach area) and a collector of Alabama obsolete notes.

If you are also an Alabama collector, would love to chat.  SPMC is a great group of collectors.



(Belated) Welcome Mike! I'm relatively new to SPMC, but have been collecting for many decades. I try to remember to read the forum periodically, so if questions come up, feel free to post them. It's up the the members to keep this forum useful and active.

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Found the discussion forum, will check periodically for topics on currency, numismatic, & ephemera in general. inventory how-to?

Take care

Thank you