Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 2 - Whole No. 308 - March/April 2017

Journal  Posted 2 years 7 months

The 1st National Bank of Princeton, MN--Shawn Hewitt Uncoupled--Joe Bowling & Fred Schwan Brazil's National Treasury Notes--Carlson Chambliss Venable's Hotel, Huntsville, AL--David...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 1 - Whole No. 307 - January/February 2017

Journal  Posted 2 years 8 months

3--Treasury Plate Numbers Used as Plate Serial Numbers--Peter Huntoon 17-3rd Issue Fractional Currency Experimentals--Rick Melamed 29-A Revised Listing of North Korean Notes--Carlson Chamblis 39-...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 6 - Whole No. 306 - November/December 2016

Journal  Posted 2 years 11 months

Hutton & Freligh, Part II Large Size Type Note Signature Changeover Protocol Fernando Fernandez--Mexican Banknote Engraver & Printer A 131 year old Mystery Solved The Earliest surviving...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 5 - Whole No. 305 - September/October 2016

Journal  Posted 2 years 11 months

Happy Birthday MPC--Joe Boling & Fred Schwan ............................................ 315 Stack’s Paymaster Auction Report--Fred Schwan............................................. 324...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 4 - Whole No. 304 - July/August 2016

Journal  Posted 3 years 3 months

The Classification of National Bank Titles--Peter Huntoon                  235 The "New Design" of...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 3 - Whole No. 303 - May/June 2016

Journal  Posted 3 years 5 months

Hutton & Freligh--Mississippi Treasury Notes--Charles Derby Lanuch of the 1928E Silver Certificated--Peter Huntoon, Jamie Yakes, Lee Lofthus Rare Vignettes Link to Philatelic Collectibles--...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 2 - Whole No. 302 - March/April 2016

Journal  Posted 3 years 7 months

A. J. Stevens & Co. Agricultural Bank of Tennessee--Marv Wurzer 1872 $5,000 & $10,000 Certificates of Deposit--Jamie Yakes & Peter Huntoon Spectacular Misaligned Overprint--Peter...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 1 - Whole No. 301 - January/February 2016

Journal  Posted 3 years 8 months

Inventions & Evolution of Electrolytic Plate Making--Peter Huntoon Roslyn, Long Island, NY; Postal Note Timeline--Bob Laub North Korea's Paper Money Issues--Carlson Chambliss Fractional...

Paper Money - Vol. LIV, No. 6 - Whole No. 300 - November/December 2015

Journal  Posted 3 years 11 months

Printing Sequence & a Variant of the 50c Alabama Notes--Charles Derby Mono-Color Overprinting Created Distinctive Errors--Peter Huntoon, et. al Unpopular First Issue Bank of Israel Notes--...

Paper Money - Vol. LIV, No. 5 - Whole No. 299 - September/October 2015

Journal  Posted 4 years 1 month

The Enduring Allure of $5 Micro Back Plates 629/637--Peter Huntoon                304 Original Banded Fractional Packs--...

Paper Money - Vol. LIV, No. 4 - Whole No. 298 - July/August 2015

Journal  Posted 4 years 3 months

The Alabama Insurance Co. of Montgomery Bill Gunther............................................................ 159    King City, Missouri, Blood Money Peter Huntoon...

Paper Money - Vol. LIV, No. 3 - Whole No. 297 - May/June 2015

Journal  Posted 4 years 5 months

The Fabulous High Denomination Feds of 1918--Lee Lofthus.........................................160 Identification of Make-Up Replacement Type Notes--Peter Huntoon & Shawn Hewitt.....178 Dick...

Paper Money - Vol. LIV, No. 2 - Whole No. 296 - March/April 2015

Journal  Posted 4 years 7 months

80--"Partlys Salvaged Notes--Peter Huntoon and Jamie Yakes 89--The Crawford "K-20" Engraving Error--Rick Melamed 99--The Fractional Currency of Israel--Carlson Chambliss 107--Series...

Paper Money - Vol. LIX, No. 1 - Whole No. 295 - January/February 2015

Journal  Posted 4 years 9 months

4---The National Bank Note Series of 1882 & 1902 Post-Date Back Transition--Peter Huntoon 20--Mr. Roebling's Bridge--Terry Bryan 30--Some Thoughts & Considerations on Small-Size $500...

Paper Money - Vol. LIII, No. 6 - Whole No. 294 - November/December 2014

Journal  Posted 4 years 11 months

Holiday Currency Gift Cards--A Narrative--Mark Anderson & Len Glazer The Birth of Star Notes--Peter Huntoon and Lee Lofthus Treasury Dept. Rectangles on 2nd Issue Fractional Currency--Rick...

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